Pangandaran has two beaches, the west and east. So you can see sunrise and sunset. Place of interest: Pananjung Nasional Park, Green Canyon (outside of Pananjung), White Sandy beach, Diving, Fishing, Boating, Surfing. Hotel range costs from 30,000 t0 150,000 rupiah in the working day. The cost will become three times in the weekend.

Every weekend, usually held on traditional performing arts of West Java. In addition, in certain months held various events, such as sea fishing urination Pangandaran in March, nyiar lumar in June, the international kite festival (Pangandaran International Kite Festival) in July, decorated boat parade in August, the race fishing in September, touring cross-country and off road in October, and the new year celebration in December. Visitors can enjoy the scenery beautiful Pangandaran Beach and sloping expanse of dazzling white sand beaches. Two hills that flank the Pangandaran beach breeze softly making waves and ripples of the sea is relatively small, so that your visitors comfortable doing various activities, like swimming using tires, boating around the peninsula, fishing, relaxing on the beach, or simply absorb the natural beauty of tourist cottages numerous in the area. In addition, visitors can see the sunrise and sunset from the same place.

You can also use river way from Cilacap to Kalipucang (if you are from Jogjakarta or Dieng) using traditional passenger boat and continue by bus to pangandaran costs 5,000-7,000 Rupiah. (Beautiful riverside view and Nusa Kambangan Prison island) or from Kalipucang to Cilacap if you want to continue your travel to Dieng or Jogjakarta, there’s travel car in Cilacap harbor direct to Jogjakarta.


Getting here

Pangandaran is located at the Southcoast from West Java, Indonesia in the District Ciamis. See the descriptions below and the map for further information.

From Jakarta


Susi Air provide scheduled flights from Jakarta to Pangandaran. It’s the fastest and most comfortable way to reach Pangandaran. There are daily flights from the Halim Perdanakusuma Airport in Jakarta. You can reach this Airport in 45 minutes from Soekarno Hatta International Airport by Taxi.

You can see the prices and booking information on the schedule from Susi Air (PDF)


A common way for reach Pangandaran is by bus. The buses drive nearly every hour from Kampung Rambutan bus station toward Pangandaran. But not all busses drive direct to Pangandaran. With some buses you have to change the bus in Ciamis, Tasikmalaya or Banjar.

When you start too late in the evening in Jakarta and the bus just drives to Tasikmalaya or Banjar, then it can happen that there is no bus anymore who drive to Pangandaran at the same evening. It’s recommended that you don’t start to late in Jakarta or that you take a direct bus. Direct busses drive at 8am and between 4pm and 6pm.

The trip lasts with a direct bus around 7 hours and costs around Rp.60’000 without AC and around Rp.80’000 with AC. The fee depends on the bus company.


It’s also possible to rent a car with a driver in Jakarta. This will cost around Rp.1’300’000.

From Bandung


Susi Air also provides scheduled flights from Bandung to Pangandaran. There are daily flights from the Husein Sastranegara Airport.

You can see the prices and booking information on the schedule from Susi Air (PDF).


With the bus you can reach Pangandaran on the bus station Cicaheum. Some buses drive directly to Pangandaran. With some buses you have to change the bus in Ciamis or Banjar. It’s recommendable to take a bus who drive direct to Pangandaran. The buses from Banjar are small and mostly overcrowded.

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